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Unexpected StereoPhonic Release v.0.1 Under HhEX

Due to the lack of plastic it was decided that we will pass our knowledge, our emotions and our love to y'all who are willing to click and dl all the HQ(lo-fi;) music pieces made with a little help of our friends. They are listed in alphabetical order . impulse tracker (bigup!) . cooleditpro . sforge. lotsa vr synths . - mkII - scratch master . bassguitar. korgmultieffect. sony md.

Musical sources that we worship and learn from are almost infinite. They range from 80pop music we all listened to when we were kids, through hc, punk, hiphop, to 90s one man band and machine symbiosis.

This decade is a recycling decade, and without having to pay for sample royalties we give big credit to all the artists whose songs were cut to pieces and glued back together.

As you are listening to all the wonderful sounds which were recorded even before you were born you are slowly learning the history of music and at one point you start to connect all the dots together, generating your own soundscapes, grooves, weird bleeps, scratches, and putting it all in one form - a song.

As we are involved in dance music, we named this release a VirtualVinyl (so it can be used in a club or at your own private party ;) . this really makes no sense ) which features a diverse range of contemporary p0p music such as big beat, acidhop, nu electro, .. (plz fill out)
Check it out if u got wired head !



0. Unknown Lifeforms - an upbeat choon constructed around breakbeats, filtered jazz samples. acid riffs and vocal samples from Douglas Adams HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy.
1. BrainWave Love - a slowly building tune from triphop to dnb we go and back down. And the big question still remains, is pure love out there ? anywhere?
0. Look Ahead Of Our Time - stoned dub, with Dado Sheik as a guest singing his own prophecy .(in slovene language). . This song surely sticks to the billboard rules.
1.Bionic Boogie - body moving, electro influenced, disco sampled with SugarHillGang rhyming along makes this one a sureshot.
0.BraBreak - inspired by Bra, composed with a help of KlonArt mastermind, this tune takes on an oldskool rocknroll trip. Guitar is sampled from a tape CMP made back in the days.
1. WuRip - for all hardstepperz, Wu Tang Edit rhyming about rippin it hard and using our little ghetto blaster ;)
0. Camouflage - another KlonArt hookup, this is rocknroll for the nineties with and electro breaks, jazzy tempo change and jazzed up sample.
1. Force Of Gravity - aphexed intro which takes you into electro build up and very loveparadish melody. Uplifitng NuSkool Electro
0. Weirder - breakbeatish song with a lot of filter sweeps and heavily distorted guitars is a trademark of our cooperation with KlonArt.
1.ElectroWaves - the only song which is made by using real gear meaning we actually used some real synths to put it down. cakewalk sucks !


All tracks produced by .dj.trypno..and , no rights reserved, all lefts reversed !

.Happy Generated People. ..Virtual Vigilantee Posses .. .Ph0ny Pl&stic P0P Starz . All Looking Good. 

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